Fit4Life Health and Fitness is a single member LLC that was birthed in my basement in 2013, driven by a dire need to help women get mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually fit.  One year after graduating from college in 1996, and leaving a mentally, emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive relationship, physical fitness coupled with positive affirmations helped me lose over 45 pounds, come off high blood pressure medication, and gave me the confidence I needed to overcome depression and low self-esteem.  The exercise and positive affirmations regiment I started at age 23 helped me form healthy habits in my life that keep me going today.  But, more importantly I have been able to help others transform physically, mentally, and emotionally from the inside out, like I did.  I had no idea that I would eventually quit my 6-figure Corporate Banking career after 22 years to become a fitness and nutrition coach, mentor, trainer, example, and eventually start a gym in my basement.  I absolutely love it.  I find joy in watching people transform and successfully journey from being unhealthy to healthy.

In 2012 the Athletic Director of Franklin Athletic Club saw potential in me, consistently and persistently encouraged me to earn my group fitness certification, and finally after the third request with specific information and instructions provided, I decided to go for it.  After receiving my Group Fitness and Kickboxing Training certifications in late 2012, I shared the good news with close friends, and they wanted to train/workout with me.  I thought getting the certifications would lead me to substitute teaching at Franklin Athletic Club and various other gyms as a hustle to earn extra monies.  I am more passionate about fitness than any other profession I’ve experienced.  Two of my friends insisted they become my student guinea pigs and joined me for trainings in my basement and that eventually led to me outgrowing my basement space.  Friends told more friends, and I no longer had enough space to instruct and accommodate over 40 people.  In early 2015, another good friend sent me an e-mail that included information for the Motor City Match Grant and encouraged me to apply.  I decided to apply and won three different grants totaling $55,000 over a two-year period.  The grant, along with a $20,000 cash contribution and a $45,000 loan from Detroit Development Fund allowed me to build out a 3,100 square foot fitness center in 2017.  Additionally, I now have a total of sixteen health, fitness and wellness certifications helping people from all walks of life get healthy, including senior and youth fitness specialties.
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