We provide services to children, adults, seniors, corporations, schools, and senior facilities. Our in-person and virtual programs are led by certified professional trainers who are eager to help people and have a heart to serve others. Together, we reach and serve those who have been left out and overlooked, all the way from the untrained to the most novice gym user, in search of a safe, caring, non-judgmental environment where all can improve their total health, body, mind, spirit, and soul. We inspire, encourage, and show clients how to stay motivated regardless of circumstances and situations. We teach them how to live well and reach their maximum potential.

Personal Training

Personal training is the best way to stay focused, encouraged, disciplined, motivated and learn proper technique and form. Personal trainers are involved in exercise prescription and instruction, providing feedback and accountability. Personal training sessions are designed to facilitate the prioritization of mental, nutritional, and physical health. Trainers provide one-on-one and partner training. Each workout is generated specifically for your goals and needs, based on your abilities and preferences. Personal trainers care about you and will guide in safe, effective, corrective exercises, for your specific fitness level. Our trainers offer exciting creativity, the most recent proven fitness trends, and techniques, and you will learn to become mentally fit and tough.


Corporate fitness is a critical piece of every effective wellness program. Our focus is on the unique and specific needs of employees who work in today’s large-scale office environment. Our top priority is to help employees overcome common health challenges related to corporate and everyday life such as stress, sitting too much, working long hours, and making lengthy commutes. Our virtual and onsite programs engage and involve employees throughout their busy workdays, whether it’s a midday aerobics class or a deskside stretch break. Employee fitness is essential to increasing the productivity of the company they work for. We design special fitness challenges, ideas and help companies incorporate fitness into their existing wellness program. Our programs help employees from all walks of life and can improve their health no matter if they’re a computer programmer or basketball player. We provide employees the motivation to make necessary lifestyle changes and empower them with knowledge and tools necessary to implement the lifestyle changes they need. Employers can take a proactive approach in preventing issues related to workplace production and performance. Employers can expect health and insurance costs to decrease, sick days will decrease or eliminated, increase in employee engagement, and a greater sense of community. We partner with organizations in driving a positive corporate culture and get to the heart of what helps your organization attract and retain healthy productive employees. Interactive wellness and nutrition workshops are offered, needful and available.

Youth Programs

Obesity and related diseases have been on the rise since the last decade but has become increasingly prevalent in children since the start of the pandemic. To prevent childhood obesity, children must be taught healthy eating habits, get plenty of exercise, limit sedentary behavior, and develop healthy sleepy routines. The easiest way to keep children healthy is to practice healthy habits as a family since parents are the main role models for children. We believe teaching kids about healthy eating and fitness habits using our fun and interactive wellness workshops will help them have sustained success now and in the future. We must help our next generation.

Our fun and fitness in-person and virtual youth and school-based programs promote health and regular physical activity for America’s youth in a fun way. Many of our programs include meaningful implementation, and motivational recognition to empower students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. Physical activity is critical to our children’s health and well-being. Studies show that physical activity not only helps kids stay active and healthy, but it can enhance important skills like concentration and problem solving, which will improve academic performance. Exercise and physical activity are proven to boost self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, progressive skill development, academics, and peer support.

Youth will build strength, learn how to identify, and effectively deal with emotions in constructive ways, improve balance, coordination, stability, flexibility, and body awareness, feel empowered to set and achieve personal goals, form better eating habits, develop core and joint stability, improve agility, improve metabolism, and increase cardiorespiratory efficiency.

Seminars/Interactive Workshops

Are you struggling to figure out how to become your healthiest and best self? Do you need to make lasting lifestyle changes but lack the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to make those changes? Let us help you, your children, and your organization.

Nutritional, Physical, and Mental Health seminars and Wellness workshops educate, empower, and enlighten participants about the primary components needed to live an empowered lifestyle. Participants will learn how to achieve a healthy body, mind, and spirit through the prioritization of one’s mental, nutritional, and physical health using a systematic approach to mental conditioning, nutrition planning, and exercise programming. You will learn the negative short and long-term consequences of living and unhealthy lifestyle, and the positive benefits of making lasting lifestyle changes and how those can be maintained and achieved.

Small Group Training

Training in a group can provide the extra boost you need to stay focused and committed to your goals. Small group trainings are structured and may offer repetition and sequencing. In addition to improved cardiovascular, muscular strength and endurance, decreased risks of falls, prevention of diseases, reduced stress, depression and anxiety, group exercise offers motivation and encouragement from the trainer and other participants. It also provides accountability, increased social benefits, presents opportunities to build new friendships/relationships, meet like-minded people, build teamwork, reduced sense of loneliness, and provides a sense of community and family. Interactive wellness and nutrition workshops are offered, needful and available.

Senior Fitness

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things aging adults can do for their health. There are countless studies that prove important health benefits associated with age. Regular physical activity and exercise for seniors help improve physical and mental health, both of which help maintain physical and mental health. Exercise can help prevent many common diseases, improves overall immune function, produces endorphins, improves sleep, reduces the risks of falls, improves balance, coordination, and stability, improves cognitive function, and seniors feel a sense of purpose with reduced loneliness and depression. It also helps muscles grow stronger and improves overall joint functions so seniors can keep doing day-to-day activities without becoming dependent on others. Fitness programs range from beginner cardio, to strength, chair exercises, ball, resistance bands, seated cardio drum, balance, stretch, yoga, Pilates, interval, cardio circuit, and Zumba. Interactive wellness and nutrition workshops are offered, needful and available.

NEW!! Corporate Series

These video workouts are part of our new corporate series, and are good for people working at essential jobs, but don’t have the time to do more and can’t get on the floor.  This is for anyone needing to get their bodies moving.

Beginner Cardio Workout

Get your blood pumping and  circulating, strengthen your heart, and lower your blood pressure and other health risks with this beginner cardio workout instructional video.

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Beginner Kickboxing

Strengthen and tone your arms, legs, back, glutes and core with this beginner kickboxing instructional video.  You’re working your entire body all at once, which causes you to burn fat and build muscle.

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