Find The Joy

Rather than taking some generic route to health, figure out what you can do to support a healthy lifestyle that also fits your personality, and empowers and excites you. Make it fun on purpose. When you design your life around things you love to do – activities that are uplifting and fun – it will […]

Be Patient

Sometimes when you’re trying to adopt healthier habits, other health issues can get in the way. When you’re really struggling with these behaviors, ask yourself if more is going on.  For example, mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are many times tied to unhealthy behaviors. Get help.  It’s okay to need help. A health […]

Think About the Future

Some people have a harder time than others resisting their impulses. This is called “delay discounting,” where you discount, or undervalue, the larger benefits of waiting in favor of smaller immediate rewards. This can lead to things like overeating, substance abuse, alcoholism, shopping too much, or risky sexual behavior. You can learn to postpone immediate […]

Stay on Track

Doing positive things for yourself can feel exciting and rewarding. But there will also be times when you wonder if you can stick with it. Do your best to identify negative thoughts and turn them into realistic, productive ones.  Repetitive positive self-talk is one method of getting rid of negative thoughts.  It sure did/does help […]

Make a Plan

Make a plan that includes small, reasonable goals and specific actions you will commit to take to move toward them.  It is a journey. If you walk by the vending machine at work and buy junk food every afternoon, try walking a different way to eliminate that temptation and decision and bring healthy snacks from […]

Know Your Habits

Regular things you do—from brushing your teeth, taking 2-3 showers per day, to having a few drinks every night—can become habits. Repetitive behaviors that make you feel good will affect your brain in ways that create habits that may be hard to change. Habits often become automatic—they happen without much thought. The first step to […]

How to Create Healthy Habits

Making healthy choices can help us feel better and live much longer. Maybe you’ve already tried to eat better, get more exercise or sleep, quit smoking, or reduce stress. Many of us know that it’s not that easy. But research shows how you can boost your ability to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. It’s […]

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